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Invest In Our Planet - Pumping Water Pumping Green


Earth Day, which falls on April 22 every year, is a festival specially established for world environmental protection. Low-carbon life, improve the overall environment of the earth. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is "Invest In Our Planet". This slogan not only includes high-level ESG, but also includes the bottom-up green consumption choices of each consumer and the proposition of exercising their own "green consumption rights".

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LEO is always focusing on developing safe & high-efficiency pump and system, being a sustainable development company, which is also aligning with the theme of Earth Day.


It is well-known that domestic sewage, agricultural waste water, and industrial waste water are the three most common types of water pollution in our production and life. In 2020, China's industrial wastewater discharge accounts for one-fifth of the national sewage discharge, and large industrial parks generate tens of thousands of tons of industrial wastewater every day.

How to empower industrial enterprises to carry out green and environmental treatment of wastewater?

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-Provide pure water and wastewater treatment system for copper foil

In 2019, LEO won the bid for Hunan Longzhi's "Construction Project of High-performance Electrolytic Copper Foil with an Annual Output of 50,000 tons", and providing them with a complete set of system projects for pure water and wastewater treatment.


The project is a key demonstration project of the Hunan Province and a landmark project in the entire copper foil industry. After the successful operation of the first phase, the annual energy consumption of standard coal can be reduced by 25.15 tons.

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During the operation of the electrolytic copper foil, it will produce wastewater containing heavy metals, wastewater generated during the polishing of cathode titanium rollers, floor cleaning wastewater, acid mist absorption tower wastewater, RO membrane cleaning wastewater, and boiler system water, circulating cooling wastewater, etc.


If the untreated industrial wastewater is directly discharged into rivers or seas, it will cause huge hidden dangers to the natural ecology and human life. In order to solve the problem, we need a complete set of professional industrial water treatment equipment.

In view of the large amount of wastewater discharge and the high difficulty of water treatment in this project, LEO equipped it with 108 set of LVR(S) vertical multi-stage pumps to help the complete system of pure water and wastewater treatment and ensure the project run smoothly.

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LEO upgraded the performance and appearance of LVR(S) vertical multistage pump on the basis of common type. The LVR(S) series have the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, high energy pressurization, and low noise. The maximum head can reach 330 meters (equivalent to the total height of the Eiffel Tower). And can be widely used in water treatment, firefighting system, equipment supporting systems; ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis systems, distillation systems, separators, swimming pools, etc.

-Provide supporting wastewater treatment system for photovoltaic enterprises.

In 2020, LEO achieved another success in the industrial water treatment industry. With excellent brand reputation, high-quality control and comprehensive supporting services, LEO successfully won the Xi'an LONGi photovoltaic water treatment project, providing the leading enterprise in the photovoltaic industry - LONGi with industrial wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse system projects.

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Reclaimed water reuse, refers to the treatment of industrial wastewater by advanced technology to remove various impurities, remove toxic and harmful substances and certain heavy metal ions that polluted the water. Then disinfect and sterilize the water to make it clear and transparent, in order to meet or better than the national standard for miscellaneous water.


LEO equipped the project with 162 LVR(S) vertical multi-stage pumps, effectively helping LONGi to treat industrial wastewater in a lower-carbon way, producing high-quality, high-value-added products of recycled water.

6 LVR(S) vertical multi-stage pumps effectively helping LONGi to treat industrial wastewater.jpg

“Invest in our planet” is not only the theme of World Earth Day, but also what LEO always focus on. LEO will keep adhering to philosophy of "run business with virtue, pursue success with perfection, win victory with efficiency, and go forward with right actions" and focus on developing safe and high-efficiency pump and system, being a sustainable development industry leader. Going forward we will continue our consistent creativity and development ability in each pump for human's health!


Pumping water, pumping green!

Let's join hands to protect our only earth!