Leading Manufacturer of Pump & System

Since 1995, LEO has evolved from being a local specialist to a national high-tech enterprise of innovative pump & system for a large variety of uses: domestic and residential, commercial, agriculture and irrigation, civil, industrial, solar pumping, swimming pools, garden, OEM solutions, etc.


LEO PUMP is more than just a pump manufacturer with five production bases worldwide, it's also a State-authorized National Technical Center, a National Post-doctoral Workstation. Insisting on customer-oriented, the market and continuous innovation as core that made LEO PUMP one of the leading manufacturers of optimal pumps and systems. Now, there are 15,000+ LEO sales outlets over 150 countries and regions servicing well 500+ million users.


In line with our mission and customers' demands, we research and develop safe and high-efficiency pumps & systems.

The main focus of our activities is therefore on creating more value for people. We offer them optimal pumps, efficient systems and timely service. Hence, our brand keeps "love each other" in mind for better life in future.

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Employees Worldwide

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Global Marketing

5 Production Bases
9 Overseas Subsidiaries
15,000 Sales & Service Outlets
500,000,000 End Users Worldwide
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Align it with our vision, and proceed constantly in the direction of our ambitions. Now we are on the way to Globalization, keeping customers, market & innovation in mind for better future.

Main Milestones

Main Milestones

1995  — 
  • 1995, Established Wenling Xinke Pump Research Institute

  • 2007, Got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 002131

  • 2015, Turned to Intelligent manufacturing with digital transformation.

  • 2018, Completed LEO’s all-round layout of global pump industry.

  • 2021, Carried out Five-year Strategy to support the constant expansion of our global network.

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Corporate Culture



To build a better world with intelligent flow


Develop and flourish with all stakeholders


Diligence - Innovation - Agility - Cooperation

5 Production Bases Worldwide

We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by manufacturing high standard pumps, systems and garden machineries, and providing timely supply and services to our customers.

Manufacturing Base for Domestic & Commercial Applications<br> (Wenling, Zhejiang Province, China)

Manufacturing Base for Domestic & Commercial Applications
(Wenling, Zhejiang Province, China)

Manufacturing Base for Industrial Applications<br> (Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China)

Manufacturing Base for Industrial Applications
(Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China)

Pump Manufacturing Base Dalian

Manufacturing Base for Petrochemical Applications
(Dalian City,Liaoning Province, China)

Pump Manufacturing Base in Indonesia

Manufacturing Base in Indonesia
(Tangerang, Indonesia)

Pump Manufacturing Base Hungary

Manufacturing Base for Garden Applications

QC – safer, more reliable, more efficient

With a comprehensive and rigorous QC management system, we ensure that our customers receive high-standard, reliable pumps, systems and solutions.

3000 grating length measuring instrument

Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

Impact specimen notch projector

Micro Vickers hardness tester

Brinell hardness tester

Projection vertical optical meter

Projection universal length measuring instrument

Image type universal tool microscope

Metallographic analysis microscope

Ultrasonic flaw detector

Direct Reading Spectrometer

Ray detector

LEO QMS - capacitance endurance test
LEO QMS - head lift test
LEO QMS - pump test
LEO QMS - pump test
TUV Certificate
LEO State-authorized Laboratory Certificate
CSA Certificate
ISO 14001 Certificate
UL Certificate
CTEAS Certificate
Authoritative Accreditation Standards & Certificates

Authoritative Accreditation Standards & Certificates

  • LEO has been accredited with international and local standards. High-quality pumps and systems are guaranteed to be provided to consumers. We shall strive to gains high-end brand image to emerge as an industry leader in domestic and international markets.