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LEO's Key Role in Winning the Prestigious Dayu Award


Thrilled to share that LEO played a pivotal part in securing the esteemed Dayu Award, China's top honor in water resources! This biennial award acknowledges excellence in construction, innovation, and environmental management.

LEO won Dayu Award 

Our contributions to two vital projects underline our commitment to a sustainable future:

- Huaihe River Entrance Jiang Waterway Remediation

Vital for regional drainage and drought resilience, this project forms the region's infrastructure backbone.

Huaihe River Entrance Jiang Waterway Remediation

- Ximaolihu Lake Drainage Pump Station in Jinshi City, Hunan

Safeguarding Ximaolihu Wetland Park and local farmlands by regulating water levels, averting water-related disasters.

Ximaolihu Lake Drainage Pump Station

Both projects showcase our cutting-edge adjustable vertical axial flow pumps, known for their high efficiency and reliability.

Vertical Axial Flow Pump

With six global production bases, we're on a mission to drive high-efficiency hydraulic solutions and support key domestic water resource projects, contributing to a greener earth.