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    Building Water Supply

    Sep. 8, 2023

    Play to Win: LEO Ensures Efficient & Clean Water for the Santiago 2023 Village

    4 compact, low-noise Booster Systems for all apartments provide a drinking water guarantee and help 3000 athletes pursue their dreams.

     santiago 2023 village

    LEO Water Boosting Solution for village of Pan America Games 2023 Overview

    Experience Comfortable Water Use

    With 4 excellent water pressure booster systems in place, we guarantee a reliable supply of clean water to every apartment in the Santiago 2023 Village. This enables 3000 athletes to fully concentrate on their dreams and conquer new heights.

    The Background & Challenges

    In preparation for the prestigious Santiago 2023 XIX Pan American Games and VII Parapan American Games, a significant project is underway to construct four building complexes.

    These structures are destined to serve as accommodations for the participating Panamerican sports athletes during the events, held in Santiago, Chile, from October 20 to November 26, 2023. After the games conclude, these properties will be repurposed to benefit the community, as they are slated to be handed over to families eligible for Minvu subsidies. This dual-purpose initiative not only supports the seamless execution of international sports events but also contributes to the long-term welfare of the local population.

    Time emerged as a critical challenge, requiring meticulous planning and execution to meet the strict deadlines set by the Pan American Games schedule. We successfully delivered the project despite tight deadlines.

    LEO booster pump systems at santiago-2023-village

    The Solutions: Elevate the Efficiency of Water Systems

    LEO provides Four SS Vertical Pump sets with VFD Intelligent Designs to the apartments.

    This innovative booster system is designed toelevate the efficiency of drinking water systems in the apartments, ensuring a seamless supply of clean water even in the most intricate conditions. What sets this solution apart is its remarkable capability to pump water under challenging circumstances, reaching impressive heights of up to 300 meters. Moreover, the system exhibits resilience in the face of elevated temperatures, handling water temperatures of up to 120°C.

    Guided by a commitment to excellence, the project team navigated the complexities with innovative solutions. The construction process incorporated cutting-edge technologies, efficient project management, and a collaborative spirit to ensure the timely completion of the athlete accommodations.

    Key Features & Benefits of the Pump Booster System

    These systems are built around the highly efficient LVR Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pump.

    4 water pressure booster systems
    18 Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pumps (LVR 20-7 & LVR 20-6)
    Each system delivers more than 1000 Lts/Min
  • Intelligent Pump System
  • High Efficiency
  • Optimal Energy Utilization
  • Lower Lifetime Cost
  • LVR Booster Pump Systems

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    Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pump


    - High efficiency & energy saving
    - Intelligent frequency conversion
    - Long service life & low failure rate
    - Wide application
    LVR Water Pressure Booster


    Vertical Multistage Pump


    - Compect & durable
    - Economic
    - Easy installation & maintenance
    - Advanced hydraulic model design


    Intelligent Stainless Steel Horizontal Multistage Pump


    - High energy saving
    - Long service life
    - Good corrosion resistance & heat resistance


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