ZLB/ZLQ Vertical Axial Flow Pump

ZLB,ZLQ Vertical Axial Flow Pump
ZLB,ZLQ Vertical Axial Flow Pump

ZLB/ZLQ Vertical Axial Flow Pump

ZLB vertical axial flow pump is a new generation of small and medium-sized axial flow pump developed by our company. This pump head is low, the flow is large, the liquid along the pump axis direction flow. Medium temperature: ≤50°C Running mode: Power frequency or frequency conversion Direction of rotation: from the drive end, the pump is rotated in clockwise Installation: Vertical single foundation, vertical double foundation The medium: Clear water, rain water, river water, sewage waste water, any of various liquids whose physicochemical properties resemble those of water


farmland irrigation

industrial conveying water

thermal power station

shipyard level

urban water supply and drainage

water diversion projects

large-scale water conservancy projects

ZLB Vertical Axial Flow Pump

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