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Disposable Protective Mask

We provide high quality disposable protective mask with high filtration efficiency, providing great protection against dust and irritants such as droplets, pollen and catkins. The core layer of the disposable face mask is made using PP meltblown non-woven fabrics, which highly contributes to its good protection.

- Multilayer filtration, excellent protection
- Reasonable structure, fits face well
- Three-dimensional cut, comfortable to wear
- Soft elastic earloops, long-time comfortable wearing
- Excellent raw materials, skin-friendly
- Sturdy stitching around the mask edge, safe to use
- 3D wrapped nose bridge, memory metal nose clip
- High breathability, breathe smoothly

Technical Parameters
Model MASK-02 MASK-01 LY95
Product Name Disposable Protective Mask (4 Layers, 3D Design) Disposable Protective Mask (Flat Type) Disposable Face Mask (Medical Use)
Size 18.5cm×14.5cm 17.5cm×9.5cm 17.5cm×9.5cm
Filtration BFE - - ≥95%
PFE Salt ≥90%, Oil ≥80% Salt ≥90%, Oil ≥80% -
Protective effect ≥65% ≥65% -
Airway Resistance Inhalation Resistance ≤175pa ≤175pa -
Expiratory Resistance ≤145pa ≤145pa -
Breathability - - ≤49pa/cm2
Sterilization type Non-sterile Aseptic Non-sterile Non-sterile Aseptic
Product Name Disposable Protective Mask (4 Layers, 3D Design) Disposable Protective Mask (Flat Type) Disposable Face Mask (Medical Use)
Size 185×145mm 175×95mm 175×95mm
Packaging Quantity 50 PCS / Box 50 PCS / Box 50 PCS / Box
Packaging Size 210×140×60mm 205×100×100mm 205×100×100mm
Shipping package quantity 40 Boxes / Carton 20 Boxes / Carton 20 Boxes /Carton
Shipping package Size 430×570×305mm 515×420×207.5mm 515×420×207.5mm
Weight 8.1kg 4.7kg 4.7kg

Zhejiang LEO Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of LEO Group Co., Ltd.(SZ 002131) is specialized in manufacturing daily protective mask, disposable surgical mask, medical equipment. Spanning an area of 5000 square meters, our factory is equipped with a 100,000 class clean room to remain constant temperature and humidity. With 10 automatic mask production lines, the production capacity of the mask reaches up to 1 million pieces/day. Different departments are created to ensure the smooth and safe production, including QC Dept., Production Dept., R&D Dept., Purchasing Dept. and Marketing Dept. Due to the standard production processes and strict quality management, the products are certified by ISO 9001: 2015, FDA, CE, etc. to meet high demand at home and abroad.

In order to provide high quality disposable face mask, a special Mask Inspection Standard System is adopted to inspect the appearance, structure, size, nose clip, mask band, BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), airway resistance, microbial indicators, ethylene oxide residue detection, etc.

The R&D and Technology Dept. will test the core filter materials based on the intended use, and carry out data comparison, screening of different material types, and analysis of mask manufacturing processes to ensure that masks can be used safely after leaving the factory.


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