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LEO Solution of Water Supply for Buildings in Qatar: comfortable freshwater supplying will add to the fun for fans of 2022 FIFA World Cup


LEO project - 78 sets BWS systems for building water supply has been delivered completely by yesterday! Thanks to highlights of safe, efficient and environment-friendly, those BWS Intelligent Pressure Booster Systems meet the supplying water demand for Fan Villages built for over 20,000 people who will come to enjoy 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

LEO Solution of Building Water Supply in Qatar



As we all know that FIFA World Cup 2022 will be scheduled to take place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Qatar must consider comprehensively to ensure comfortable living for all people coming here to visit FIFA World Cup 2022, one of them is freshwater supplying.


There will be a pretty large number of fans coming. It’s significant, not only that it will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Arab world, but also the tournament will be the last to involve 32 teams.


But the number of hotels that receive tourists near the World Cup is limited, the local government has built Fan Villages, and three of them are under our partner for over 20,000 tourists per night, which need to be equipped with an advanced and reliable water supply system.

Fan Villages for World Cup 2022

LEO Solution


Fresh water resources are extremely scarce, and it completely depends on seawater desalination in Qatar. Hence, how to deliver water by the pump system more efficient to meet all demand of water using in Fan Villages built for them?


LEO PUMP, focused on innovative pumps and pump systems to deliver more value for people, with abounded experience on domestic and residential water supply, provided satisfying pump system solution by BWS system to guarantee the daily water use of conference staff and tourists.


The BWS water booster system, an automatic control pressurized water supply device, helps control the pump pressure within a certain range according to the water consumption with features of complete functions, reliable quality, stable operation and easy maintenance. Therefore, you can see that it's designed to build a better life for both of suppliers and users!


- In line with exact demands

The whole machine is designed reasonably according to the actual needs of users to pursue the best operation effect and the lowest energy consumption.

- Diversify product functions and enhance control precision

Most advanced microprocessor and optimized special controller are adopted.

- User-friendly

Complete equipment supply, convenient installation and commissioning, convenient management and maintenance.

The equipment operates automatically without special management and works reliably.

- Economic space occupation

It is designed with compact structure to reduce the floor area and save land resources.

- Environmental

New concept of water supply, reflecting energy conservation and environmental protection.

Moreover, this project is required with fast delivery!

Based on strong and flexible production ability, LEO arranged the most efficient production schedule to complete the delivery - about 20 days per order, which including the whole rigorous QC to ensure the quality.


In a short, LEO provides pretty excellent solution to meet demands and reduce the total cost for customers. The solution of this project has a high reference value in the local area.

Further learning about LEO PUMP

LEO PUMP is more than just a pump manufacturer with five production bases worldwide, it’s also a State-authorized National Technical Center, a National Post-doctoral Workstation. Insisting on customer-oriented, the market and continuous innovation as core that made LEO PUMP one of the leading manufacturers of optimal pumps and systems. Now, there are 15,000+ LEO sales outlets over 150 countries and regions servicing well 500+ million users.


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