3" Gasoline Sewage Pump

3" Gasoline Sewage Pump

Application of 3” Gasoline Sewage Pump
The gasoline sewage pump is used to transfer slurry, as well as liquids that contain mud, sand, small rocks and other debris at a diameter less than 22mm.
Sewage treatment for civil engineering, mines, quarries and municipal facilities
Water supply and drainage for factories, mines, municipal facilities as well as field irrigation

Features of 3” Gasoline Sewage Pump
All new design with ergonomic features
Reliable 4-stroke gasoline engine with low fuel consumption and high quality crankshaft
Portable, durable and compact pump frame
Durable sealing system with special mechanical seal
Silicon carbide mechanical seal for increased abrasion resistance, longer life and less maintenance
The pump body can easily be disassembled and assembled for cleaning out debris, or pump repair

Rust resistant cast iron impeller and diffuser
Max.suctiom:8 m, suck 5 m needs 120 s
Max. diameter of particle:22 mm
Liquid temperature range:0℃-40℃

Single cylinder, 4-stroke,air-cooled
Max.power:6.5 HP
Rated speed:3600 rpm
Reliable engine equipped with low engine oil shut off system

Identification Codes
Technical Data of 3” Gasoline Sewage Pump
Model Power Fuel tank Engine oil Displacement Q(m³/h) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
HP L L cc Q(l/min) 0 83.3 166.7 250 333.3 416.7 500 583.3 666.7 750 833.3 916.7 1000
LGP30-W 6.5 2.8 0.55 196 H(m) 25.9 25.3 24.1 22.8 21.2 18.8 16.1 13.2 9.6 6.1 2.1 - -
Hydraulic Performance Curves
Hydraulic Performance Curves
Material Table of 3” Gasoline Sewage Pump
NO. Part Material
1 Frame Steel
2 Engine
3 Pump cover Aluminum
4 O-ring NBR
5 Mechanical Seal Silicon carbide/Silicon carbide
6 Impeller HT200
7 O-ring NBR
8 Diffuser HT200
9 Non-return Valve NBR
10 Pump body Aluminum
11 Plug ABS
3" Gasoline Sewage Pump

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